What Keeps Me Up At Night

What keeps me up at night is not what may keep you up at night such as, bills, retirement, the health of myself, or loved ones. No, what keeps me up is the chance, no matter how small, that out of the entire universe, we’re the only species to survive long enough to explore it. And, we’re on the verge of fucking it all up because we can’t seem to get our shit together.
The Earth, Moon, and Sun are all just blips in time, but humans don’t have to be.

Floor, What Is It Good For, Everyone

While reading an article describing Chris Cuomo as “trashing his CNN gig,” it got thinking, the game of life is not a game. There’s a large percentage of the world’s population that is either struggling or just getting by. It shouldn’t take near-death experiences, and millions of dollars in the bank, to explore your passions, there needs to be a floor. Healthcare and housing should be that floor. The future is quite literally dependant upon what we do next. We can lead the world into what comes next or follow behind whatever ensues.

This May Get Weird

Absolutely nothing matters unless WE chose to make it matter. There’s no gods nor devils, no heaven or hell, we are conscious, sub-atomic particles twitching, in the vastness of space. My life, your life, the lives of our children, grandchildren, and everything that’s come before are all meaningless unless WE give it purpose.
So, we all have options and choices to make, to blink out of existence, or do we stand the test of time. I chose to believe, given the right circumstance, the right frame of mind, we could love one another, for we are all one pride.
Brother Jeffrey🌹