Gaming Industry Layoffs

Activision Planning  to Cut Hundreds of Jobs

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According to Bloomberg’s reporting, sources familiar with Activision Blizzard Inc., they are planning to announce layoffs this Tuesday, due to slowing sales & a drop in stock price to 2.5% as of Friday Feb. 8th 2019.

The layoffs, which could climb into the hundreds are said to be are part of a “restructuring aimed at centralizing functions and boosting profit”, which of course is, a common practice geared towards placating investors at the expense of the workers.




Elizabeth Warren Officially Kicks Off Her 2020 Campaign

Using the backdrop of Everett Mills, in Lawrence, Massachusetts, the site of a historic 1912 labor strike led by women & immigrants, Elizabeth Warren kicked off her campaign highlighting her progressive ideals with a message centered on working people that, she will make the centerpiece of her candidacy.


“Hard-working people are up against a small group that holds far too much power, not just in our economy, but also in our democracy. Like the women of Lawrence, we are here to say enough is enough!” Warren said in her speech. “We are here to take on a fight that will shape our lives, our children’s lives, and our grandchildren’s lives, just as surely as the fight that began in these streets more than a century ago.”


As a supportive constituent  of Elizabeth Warren, I’m very pleased with her official 2020 campaign announcement & sincerely look forward to the twelve scheduled debates,  six of them in 2019, slated to begin this June.

Fear & Loathing In DC

What an amazing & masterful use of questioning coming from
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

“Let’s play a lightning round game. I’m gonna be the bad guy, which I’m sure half the room would agree with, anyway & I want to get away with as many bad things as possible. Ideally to enrich me & advance my interests, even if that means putting my interests, ahead of the American people…”.

Freaking amazing! What a shot in the arm for all of us Progressives & other real Americans, who want to hold our representatives accountable to us, #WeThePeople.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Exposes the Problem of Dark Money in Politics | NowThis

A better future

A better future

I can understand people getting stuck worrying about their own lives, the lives of their families, their immediate group but, even then, you should still be concerned with the world you’ll leave. Isn’t thinking past our own lives the most precious gift & a defining attribute of being human.


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