Retired astronaut Mark Kelly running for U.S. Senate as Democrat to take on McSally

Retired astronaut Mark Kelly running for U.S. Senate as a Democrat to take on McSally

As reported by the Arizona Republic, former Astronaut, who spent a year in orbit above the Earth, and Navy combat veteran Mark Kelly, the husband of former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, announced his newest mission to, run as a Democrat against Arizona Senator Martha McSally. Kelly plans on making stronger gun control a key issue in his campaign bid. But, first things first and he is currently focusing on fundraising. Within 24 hours of his announcement he’s raised more than 1.2 million, he seems to be off to a good start.

My next mission… #FullSpeedAhead #ForArizona

— Mark Kelly (@ShuttleCDRKelly) February 12, 2019

The Young Turks Expand Main Show

The Young Turks Expand Their Main Show

Beginning today, the TYT Network, Home of Progressives, are adding an additional hour to their flagship show, The Young Turks. The announcement includes a new segment, “The Conversation” and also coincides with the network’s 17 year anniversary. “The Young Turks began as a radio program that premiered on February 14, 2002, on Sirius Satellite Radio; it was later carried on Air America, before launching a web series component in 2005 on YouTube. In 2018, Regional News Network offered it initially on WMCN, its New Jersey broadcast television station”.

🚨 Starting tomorrow, The Young Turks will now be THREE HOURS as we add a new interview segment to our main show. Can't wait to share even more great news and interviews with you all. #tytlive 🚨

— The Young Turks (@TheYoungTurks) February 13, 2019

EdgeBook From Microsoft?

I’m Predicting the EdgeBook from Microsoft

Had a thought today as it relates to Microsoft moving their Edge Browser to Chromium. I’m going to go on the record and predict that, in the very near future we will be seeing a EdgeBook from Microsoft.

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CNN Town Hall W/ Howard Schultz​

CNN Town Hall W/ Howard Schultz

#WeThePeople are no longer joking, making excuses and or accepting the corruption that has permeated our government and infected our politicians. Which is what we’ve been doing for decades, abdicating our responsibilities. Almost since our inception, we’ve had the trope of the “lying politicians”, no more. 2020 is the year of the people #YearOfThePeople2020 #CNNTownHall w/ @HowardSchultz is how #CorporateMedia shapes our #elections. Your #EstablishmentBias is showing @CNNPolitics. #TYTarmy #TownHall #2020election #ElectionMachine @PoppyHarlowCNN @carolinerkenny @DavidChalian @RachelSmolkin

#CNNTownHall w/ @HowardSchultz is how #CorporateMedia shapes our #elections. Your #EstablishmentBias is showing @CNNPolitics. #TYTarmy #TownHall #2020election #ElectionMachine@PoppyHarlowCNN @carolinerkenny @DavidChalian @RachelSmolkin

— TYT Army (@TYTArmy3) February 12, 2019

Water, Water Everywhere

Late night thoughts

So, I was watching a documentary last night, part of which was talking about the Sun. As I turned over & shut my eyes, one last thought entered my mind, if the Sun is fueled by hydrogen & the by-product of burning hydrogen is water, is it possible/plausible that, the bulk of our water is carried to us on solar winds? So, while exploring my thoughts while writing this, I did come across an article discussing that, the bulk of the hydrogen on the moon, comes from the Sun, not from cometary and asteroidal impacts, lending credence to my thoughts. Amazing!