Can Mike Pence Actually Help Save Humanity?

I read a couple of different articles this morning, via Google News. By the time I had finished them, I came away feeling like maybe, just maybe, Mike Pence may actually play a role in the saving of humanity. Full disclosure, Vice President Mike Pence is one of my least favorite people. I find hisContinue reading “Can Mike Pence Actually Help Save Humanity?”

The U.S. Healthcare Cost Crisis

The cost of healthcare services in the U.S. is affecting Americans’ financial health in multiple ways: Forty-five percent of Americans fear bankruptcy should a major health event strike. Americans have collectively borrowed an estimated $88 billion in the last year to cover healthcare costs. 2.7 million Americans have borrowed at least $10,000 to pay forContinue reading “The U.S. Healthcare Cost Crisis”

Trump Claims, Republicans Are The Party Of Healthcare, Are They?

Trump claims that Republicans will be known as “The Party of Healthcare” but, will they though, maybe? There is a slight chance (albeit, a small one) that Trump may feel so much political and personal heat that he’ll actually try to put forward a single-payer type system, which happens to be overwhelmingly popular among Americans.Continue reading “Trump Claims, Republicans Are The Party Of Healthcare, Are They?”

Democratic Candidates Refuse to Vote On The GND

#WednesdayWisdom Apparently, #WeThePeople have failed to make it clear to our representatives, our #thoughts regarding #ClimateChange. We take the threat of climate change seriously and it’s affects that will negatively impact all of our futures. We’re counting on them to implement #ClimateActionNOW to mitigate those negative effects. @AOC’s #GreenNewDeal resolution is, thus far, the closestContinue reading “Democratic Candidates Refuse to Vote On The GND”