A Series Of Unfortunate Presidencies

Are there any Progressive writers out there, that are looking for a book title for your current project or need an idea to kick off a book? The statement, “A Series Of Unfortunate Presidencies”, sparks something in me. I, myself, don’t see myself as a writer but, I figured I would create a page and see where it goes.

I did a google search within quotation marks to see if there were/are any other instances of those words strung together and really only found one source.

An article using the string of words in regards to the Philippines. 

The Society of Honor by Joe America

How come DepEd can’t figure this out? These are old people, right? That’s my guess. Entrusted with creating a vibrant education for young people. Encrusted with intellectual arthritis. They CAN’T DO IT. Education is as screwed up as the judiciary. But I’m confident they are all God-loving. Okay. Okay.

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