Humans & The Boiling Water

Frogs cannot be able to be slowly boiled alive, but clearly, we can. What we’re allowing to happen now, is going to affect the lives of generations, long after we’ve gone. It’s like we’re creating the backstory of some dark, dystopian film, in which a corrupt, corporatized government cares more about wealth and power than the lives of its citizens. But, since the special effects, the reality of that future isn’t seen yet, we can’t see it unfolding.
Each generation has believed their time to be exceptional and, where we are today is a testament to that. However, the interconnectivity we now share makes our’s truly extraordinary. At no point have the tools for change been so readily available to the masses. But, these same tools are also available to corporations, warmongers, or those who seek only to cause chaos. They might’ve been behind on the internet and social media before, but they’ve caught up now, and their pockets are deep.

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