A Button Flavored World?

I first came to the following realization on February 15, 2019. I had just sat down to watch @netflix, the show was, The Umbrella Academy. Usually, whenever a Netflix original begins, there’s that intro sound effect but, instead of the usual white background with their name, this time it was their red N symbol. (Here’s an article that was written two years ago on @eyeryscom discussing Netflix’s new logo). Anyway, the first thing that came to mind was, what a smart idea.

With mobile platforms on the rise, it seems to only make sense to have the simplest, most identifiable brand, for something the size of an icon. Then that led me quickly down a “rabbit hole” of thinking, realizing that auto-reply buttons are becoming increasingly common in email and text communications and that all of this was probably started with pictures on fast food chain’s registers. Anyway, that led me to the conclusion that, somewhere in the not so distant future, a huge percent of non-face-to-face communication will be dealt with by clicking pictures, emojis, and text bubbles.

(Full discloser, I smoke marijuana so, take that into account🙃).

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