Elizabeth Warren Officially Kicks Off Her 2020 Campaign

Using the backdrop of Everett Mills, in Lawrence, Massachusetts, the site of a historic 1912 labor strike led by women & immigrants, Elizabeth Warren kicked off her campaign highlighting her progressive ideals with a message centered on working people that, she will make the centerpiece of her candidacy.


“Hard-working people are up against a small group that holds far too much power, not just in our economy, but also in our democracy. Like the women of Lawrence, we are here to say enough is enough!” Warren said in her speech. “We are here to take on a fight that will shape our lives, our children’s lives, and our grandchildren’s lives, just as surely as the fight that began in these streets more than a century ago.”


As a supportive constituent  of Elizabeth Warren, I’m very pleased with her official 2020 campaign announcement & sincerely look forward to the twelve scheduled debates,  six of them in 2019, slated to begin this June.

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