Epiphany draft

I seem to be experiencing a rolling epiphany, in real-time and my brain is still processing the information. I’m 51 and started becoming an atheist around age 8 or 9. As I entered into adulthood, I dabbled in the Wicca and Satanism for a few years, trying to fill this apparent need for more than the self.
As time progressed, I moved into the not religious but spiritual self-identification, pulling in pieces from Native Americans, Christianity, and Buddhism, just trying to fill this need of more. On to the “Epiphany,” considering myself “spiritual” is no different than any of the religious beliefs and, they’re all just a condition of being sentient. As I alluded in the beginning, this realization is still taking shape and, writing it down has helped…

The 2020s

I have good news and bad news. The good news, the 2020s are going to fly by, the bad news, it’s not going to seem like it at the time.
The last 50 years of indifference, manipulation, and cans kicked down the road are all piling up, the bridge is out. The past is catching up with us and, the bridge isn’t going to build itself.